Business owners use me to MAKE MONEY, and SAVE TIME or save their sanity!

There are so many activities that I can do for you, seamlessly in the background.  You won’t have to feel like you’ve got 100 balls in the air all the time.  Put your feet up and look through the list below of some of the
things we can do for you.

Remember – a business owner works with a virtual assistant because they want to make money, save money, or save their time or save their sanity!

How can I help you with this?


  • Let me create content to share on your social media accounts.
  • Let me repurpose some of the great stuff you have already done and reuse it on your channels.  I can take blog posts and turn them into Instagram tiles; twist a Facebook post and create a quick Instagram story; write a blog post and then split it into a couple of emails…. The opportunities are endless
  • I can keep an eye on your social media statistics and reports so that you can see what is working and what isn’t – then we can come up with a plan to improve on these
  • Let me set up a messenger bot on your Facebook page so that you’re not answering the same questions over and over again – let the bot do this on your behalf so you can go and spend time on your yoga mat!
  • Let me make sure that your social media is responded to – comments need acknowledging and will help build engagement on your channels.  I can do this in your style on your behalf.  And if there are any replies that you need to do personally I can alert you to these so they don’t get missed.
  • I can get your social media posts scheduled and ready for the week/month ahead – ready for you to check if you want before they go out.
  • Want a website?  I can build a website for you that we can link a blog to; email capture so you can email-market to your lead; let people book class spaces etc.  We can chat about what you want to use your website for so that all the necessary components are included.
  • Want just a simple page instead of a full website to capture leads?  I can set this up simply to run whilst you sleep – I can create a lead magnet (a free download) just for you and a system to capture all of your new emails so that you can keep in touch with those people that want to hear from you.
  • Have you ever taken a step back and looked at your online presence and how you portray yourself?  I can do that for you with a fresh pair of eyes and give you some tips as to how you can improve this.


  • For network marketers – I will set up a system for you to manage your builders – a place where you can share targets, dreams and actions.   A playbook to get your team up and running. A place that you can use on your desktop and your mobile.
  • Email management – drowning in emails?  Let me set up some automations so that you keep in touch with your audience,  I can send replies to them on your behalf and highlight ones you need to deal with. 
  • Booking times for your team is a doddle – let me manage this for you and get it all set up in your calendar so you have regular time set aside for those that matter.
  • Let me help you create a schedule for the year for ongoing training – whether you are delivering it or one of your team.  We can pick the topics, the venue and the times then get them plugged in and shared to everyone who needs to know
  • For network marketers – Do you want to run training programmes to push your builders up the ranks?  Let me help direct you and plan these so that you have ways of seeing builder progress and help you deal with any issues they come across without having to answer the same question several times.


Are you drowning in personal errands that someone else can do for you?

  • Let me take care of your weekly shop – I have a system where you can let me know what needs to go in your shopping basket and I’ll just get the order done and scheduled for delivery to you.
  • If you need me to research trips, travel for business or pleasure then I can put a board together for you with options and then book them accordingly.  With me managing your diary I’ll also know the best times to fit these in!

Everyone has different needs. If there are more things that you wish were on this list then let’s chat!